Why Is 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Building A 15' Tall Superman Statue?

And are they also building a tiny little statue of Batfleck?

Hey, I've got a question for you — and by you, I mean Warner Bros., and possibly director Zack Snyder: why is the Detroit-based production of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" building a 15 foot tall statue of the Man of Steel?

Spy pics snapped by an intrepid Michigan resident have revealed the construction of the statue, which looms in front of an enormous green screen. But as to what it's mysterious purpose is, we have no official idea.

That said, we have plenty of unofficial ideas:

1. It's A Metropolis Memorial: Ignoring any personal compunctions about how "Man of Steel" ended, there's going to be some sort of memorial in the middle of the, er, ground zero, left by Superman's battle with Zod in Metropolis. A statue of Superman bending down to lift someone up would be in keeping with Jor-El's (Russel Crowe) monologue about humans joining Superman in the sun.

Because, remember, despite what a good chunk of the fans think about Superman's destructive tendencies, by the end of the movie there are a lot of people who saw him save the world. So, giant statue.

2. Lex Luthor Is Being A Jerk: Though there's no evidence they're related, the production is also reportedly gearing up to film scenes set at LexCorp, the headquarters of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, at the same time this statue is being constructed. Could this sculpture of Clark Kent be in front of the building? And perhaps, Lex Luthor is praising the Kryptonian who saved everyone publically, while sniping him behind his back?

3. It's A Dream Sequence: Like the scene of Kal-El sinking into a pit of skulls in "Man of Steel," it's entirely possible this may be part of another dream sequence, particularly given the giant green screen. Perhaps Superman is yearning for a time when he'll be seen as a true hero?

4. Zack Snyder Has Gone Nuts: There's no real reason to build a giant Superman statue when you can just CGI it, right? I mean, can building an enormous cast of Henry Cavill really be less time consuming and cheaper than making a few pixels? Not that we're not happy the production is embracing practical effects, but has Snyder gone insane? Perhaps in his madness, he's decided to build a statue to his muse, one that has absolutely nothing to do with the movie.

Whatever the reason for the statue, we're really hoping it gets struck by lightning, comes to life, and fights the similarly unfinished Detroit-based statue of RoboCop, because that would be the best thing ever.

What do you think the statue is for? And are you looking forward to seeing a big ol' Henry Cavill when the movie hits theaters in 2016?