Rev Run's Sons Seemingly Grew Up Overnight...Into Babes!

Diggy and Russy Simmons have busted out the six packs just in time for summer.

Boyz II Men isn't just one of our favorite '90s R&B groups anymore -- it's our new nickname for the Simmons brothers.

Rev Run has shared with fans a string of pics from his family's Sunday Funday, and we're stoked (with a side of drool) to see just how much Russy and Diggy have grown up since their days of running around "Run's House." Talk about Transformation Tuesdays!

Unlike their older sisters, Vanessa and Angela, who consistently snatch headlines for their undeniable fashion sense, the Simmons bros sure don't need fancy attire to grab our attention. In the Instagram collage above, the boys give us two free tickets to the gun show, and we're all in. Perhaps it's partly The Rev's homemade dinners that have done their bodies good?

We're thinking 17-year-old Russy and 19-year-old Diggy could build an even bigger fan base if they start posting shirtless shots themselves. Until that happens, though, check out this video in which Diggy demonstrates -- over the sound of a slow jam -- how he keeps his BMI in check:

Photo: Diggy Simmons' Instagram