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Of Course This Is What Shailene Woodley Uses Instead Of A Fork

Not the best lunch companion.

Flower moon child/"The Fault In Our Stars" star Shailene Woodley is at it again with a cover story in the July issue of Vanity Fair, and this time, she's supplied us with a fresh new trick to be both impressed and appalled by.

In a video teasing the full interview, which hits the web June 12, she's asked about a secret talent. And guys! It doesn't totally seem like one that you want her to demonstrate. Not if you're hungry, at least.

"I eat almost always using my hands, not a fork," she says. Which, cool, we hope you wash your hands a lot, but whatever. It's how she follows it up, and what's implied, that puts us off our lunch a little: "And I can pick lots of things up with my feet."

Paired with our knowledge that Lady Woodley prefers to spend her days barefoot or in Vibram fivefinger toe shoe things, this paints a picture we'd rather not pay the price of admission to see.

Just imagine: Hi, Shailene. That brown rice quinoa gluten free vegan nutritional yeast mac and cheese with seaweed on top looks so great. I'm so glad you brought that for lunch. Awesome. Why are you taking off your shoes? It's OK, I don't care if my floors get a little dusty. Wait -- your leg -- why are you bringing it on top of the table? [Thump.] Oh, are you -- you're -- oh. Oh. You're going to eat that with your toes. Oh.

Bon appetit.

To see Woodley compare herself to Julia Roberts and talk about living in the moment (yep), but not demonstrate eating with her toes, check out Vanity Fair.