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19 NORMAL & NOT NORMAL Things We Learned About Ed Sheeran In His 'Nine Days And Nights' Documentary

Ed Sheeran loves fish and chips and chills in his pajama pants (normal!), but he's also friends with Taylor Swift and Elton John (not normal)!

Even if you're a licensed, certified Sheerio with a PhD.-level knowledge of Edward Christopher Sheeran (like, you already knew that he loves Damien Rice, hates kale, and speaks German he speaks German and hates kale), there's a fair chance you may have learned something new about the Bard of Britain (sorry, Shakespeare -- you've been replaced) in his "Nine Days And Nights Of Ed Sheeran" MTV documentary. Some of these things (loathing of kale, chilling in PJ pants) are normal, while others -- coming of age near a castle, posting up at Rick Rubin's place, and receiving a needlepoint handcrafted by your bestie, Taylor Swift -- are decidedly not normal.

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Check out 20 normal and not-normal things we learned about Ed Sheeran in his "Nine Days And Nights Of Ed Sheeran" MTV documentary:

1.) He grew up near a castle: NOT NORMAL!

2.) His tattoos hurt... a lot: NORMAL!

3.) He chills in his PJ pants: NORMAL!

4.) He hangs his laundry out in his bedroom like everyone else: NORMAL!

5.) He has a beer bottle that Damien Rice drank from... in 2004: NOT NORMAL!

6.) Jamie Foxx gave him his first big break: NOT NORMAL!

7.) Pharrell was blown away by him: NOT NORMAL!

8.) He made a video featuring a puppet version of himself and Pharrell: NOT NORMAL!

9.) He stayed at Rick Rubin's house for two months: NOT NORMAL!

10.) He smells Benny Blanco: NOT NORMAL!

11.) He's the proud owner of a happy/sad spoon: NOT NORMAL (BUT ADORABLE!)

12.) He has a wall signed by his friends in his childhood bedroom: NORMAL!

13.) Taylor Swift signed that wall: NOT NORMAL!

14.) He hangs out with his childhood friends in pajama pants: TOTALLY NORMAL!

15.) He loves fish and chips: NORMAL!

16.) He's friends with Elton John: NOT NORMAL!

17.) He has a needlepoint handmade by Taylor Swift: NOT NORMAL!

18.) He sometimes can't figure out how doors work: TOTALLY NORMAL!

19.) He always makes time for fans: TOTALLY NOT NORMAL, AND THAT'S WHY WE LOVE HIM!

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