'16 And Pregnant' Poll: Was Moving To Texas The Best Decision For Jordan?

The teen mom didn't want to break up her family -- so she followed her boyfriend all the way to the Lone Star State.

A young couple almost became homeless on tonight's episode of "16 and Pregnant," but will their last-ditch effort to find shelter end in disaster?

Popular high school graduate Jordan dreamed of joining the army, but her plans were derailed when she became pregnant. Soon after, her boyfriend Derek dropped out of college to get a job, but when he lost the position, Jordan's parents kicked him out. Jordan left with him and the couple proceeded to bounce from couch to couch as they struggled to support themselves.

Before the arrival of their daughter, Genevieve, Jordan opened up to her aunt and grandmother -- the only family members she was speaking to -- and confessed that she didn't have a bank account. Derek, meanwhile, was in the red. “Right now, we have no means of supporting a baby,” the mom-to-be admitted.

While her grandmother gave Jordan some cash, she couldn't help in the housing department. Enter Derek's Texas-based dad, Duane, who arranged for the couple to temporarily stay at his friend Tracy's home in Baltimore.

Jordan and Derek soon settled into Tracy's living room -- they slept there on two twin beds -- but friction appeared as Derek seemed uninterested in finding a job. During one heated argument, Derek snapped that he could leave "at any point" and Jordan would be "stuck" with their child.

Derek apologized after the squabble and changed his story, insisting that if he was going to take off, he would have done so when Jordan first got pregnant. "I would never walk out on you or Evie," he promised.

Shortly after Genevieve was born, the new parents were dealt a devastating blow: Tracy announced that her landlord was selling the house. Duane came to the rescue yet again, this time offering his son a job with a cable company and a room in his apartment -- in Texas. But Jordan was unsure about leaving her safety net in Maryland, especially after Derek's threat to leave her and the baby. "It's a leap of faith, packing everything and moving to Texas," she said, "because I don't know anyone else other than him and his dad."

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