You Won't Believe What Leah Calvert Did To Her Hair

The 'Teen Mom 2' castie has unveiled a new 'do -- and looks totally awesome!

Leah Calvert is learning to take chances in beauty school.

The "Teen Mom 2" cast member, who's studying cosmetology as we speak, has always been adventurous when it comes to trying out new makeup. But for someone so obsessed with style, she hasn't veered much from her trademark 'do -- long and lovely.

Leah Calvert's Facebook

Until now. This weekend, scissors were flying as Leah got a stunningly short cut and shared the results on her official Facebook page. That's right: She shaved her head. Totally kidding.

Leah Calvert's Facebook

She did, however, lose a lot of length, and from the looks of it, all of her signature waves and curls. So what do we think of her brand-new, stacked 'n angled bob? It absolutely suits her, making Leah look beyond sophisticated. She's a pretty lucky lady to be able to rock the Rapunzel look and try out more cutting-edge stuff like this.

Think she's having any regrets now that she's taken the plunge? We're betting that she doesn't, but tell us what you think!

UPDATE: Leah shared a front look of her dramatic 'do!

Leah Calvert's Twitter

Photo: Michele Crowe