'Being Dad: A Teen Mom Special' Exclusive: Jo Rivera Says He's 'Misunderstood'

Meanwhile, Ryan Edwards is contemplating a big move, while Corey Simms is strengthening his family ties.

Jo Rivera, Ryan Edwards and Corey Simms offered glimpses of their day-to-day lives and opened up about their evolving relationships with their significant others on last night's "Being Dad: A Teen Mom" special. And, of course, the "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2" fathers shared some sweet moments with their adorable kiddies, too.

Jo was feeling some pressure: His longtime girlfriend Vee wanted to get married, move to Florida so she could open her own daycare and start their own family. But Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin's ex admitted that he wasn't ready for a lifelong commitment and relocating...much to Vee's dismay.

“You make me feel like I’m not worthy to be with in the future,” she said tearfully during dinner with Jo and his son Isaac.

In the MTV.com-exclusive interview clip below, Jo addresses viewers who may be critical of his behavior, saying he has "absolutely" felt misunderstood. But he admits that it can be a challenge for others to understand his perspective when they don't have all the 411.

"You guys don’t know me, so I don’t blame you for misunderstanding the way I act and the way I am towards certain situations," he says.

Meanwhile, Ryan, aka Maci Bookout's former beau, contemplated leaving his parents' house and moving into a new home with his girlfriend Shelby. But there was an obstacle: His son Bentley was unsure about the impending change and not spending as much time with his grandparents. Ryan explained to his boy that he would "still get to see everybody," but Bentley wasn't convinced.

"I'm going to live with daddy, but I don't want to," Bentley told his mom.

Finally, Corey juggled the challenges of co-parenting twins Ali and Aleeah with ex-wife Leah Calvert -- and adding new wife Miranda into the fold. During an emotional conversation, Miranda vowed that the girls will always come first, while Corey promised to maintain appropriate boundaries with Leah. He also showed his new love some heartfelt appreciation.

"I'm glad you took the challenge," he told her.

It was certainly a change to watch an entire hour dedicated to these guys' lives as fathers. Did you gain a new outlook after seeing things completely through their eyes? Let us know your thoughts on "Being Dad: A Teen Mom Special."