Here Are 16 Governors Ball Pics That Prove Bros Love Old-School Basketball Jerseys

Rep your squad.

RANDALL’S ISLAND, New York — Dressing for an outdoor music festival like Governors Ball is an art, not a science. Above all else, concertgoers have to factor in style and comfort. Finding the balance between the two is the key.

For the 2014 festivities, which went down over the weekend at Randall’s Island in New York City, heat was a major player. And as the scorching sun pierced through the sky, we couldn’t help but notice all the dudes rocking basketball jerseys. And why not? They’re sleeveless, breathable, and let you rep a player or team of your choosing.

Not all of these are throwbacks in the way that Jay Z, Fabolous and your favorite rappers made popular last decade. Plenty of them are of the I-used-to-wear-this-in-middle-school-and-still-have-it origin. Salute to all the hoarders out there.

Here are 16 of our favorites.

Jalen Rose, last played for Denver Nuggets in 1996


Vince Carter, last played for Toronto Raptors in 2004


Ray Allen, last played for Milwaukee Bucks in 2003; and Charles Barkley, last played for Phoenix Suns in 1996


Karl Malone, 1992 Team USA Olympic jersey


Shaquille O’Neal, 1996 Team USA Olympic jersey


Michael Jordan, 1996 All-Star Game jersey


Wes Unseld, last played for Washington Bullets in 1981


Patrick Ewing, 1992 Team USA Olympic jersey


John Starks, last played for New York Knicks in 1998


Penny Hardaway, 1995 All-Star Game jersey


Juwan Howard, last played for Washington Bullets in 1997


Allen Iverson, last played for Philadelphia 76ers in 2010


Shareef Abdur-Rahim, last played for Atlanta Hawks in 2004


Jason Kidd, last played for New Jersey Nets in 2008


Walt Frazier, last played for New York Knicks in 1977