Shailene Woodley Went To 'The Fault In Our Stars' In Disguise Last Night -- See Her Sneaky Look

Run-of-the-mill ski cap and wig? Say WHA?

Shailene Woodley, spritely wood nymph/human hybrid and star of the cannot-get-any-bigger "The Fault in Our Stars," managed to go incognito to a screening of her teen sobfest feature, thanks to a crafty lil disguise.

The jig was revealed by her "Fault" co-star Ansel Elgort on Instagram.

Considering Woodley's love of all things au natural, we're curious to see that she ended up in what looks like a run of the mill ski cap and synthetic wig. Typically we'd assume Woodley would go the "shred bark into hair strands and fashion a jaunty cap out of a leaf or two" route.

But perhaps that was part of the ruse — give 'em something so wholly un Woodley-esque and watch as the rest of the crowd is none the wiser, eh?

Of course we could also be very wrong: maybe her wig is actually made out of silkened sea kelp and wool she sheared and knit herself. That's so Woodley.

According to Elgort, Woodley's identity wasn't the only thing under wraps at the screening -- she also sneaked in her own snacks.