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Disclosure Give Madonna A Promotion... To Head Of Security

Work dem guns, Madge.

Disclosure's Guy and Howard Lawrence have significantly upgraded their security detail.

It seems Madonna has been strong-arming from the sidelines for the electronic music sensation during their performances in NYC this weekend -- first, at their Friday night Governors Ball pre-show in Brooklyn and then yesterday when they played their highly anticipated festival set on Randall's Island.

The Queen of Pop posted her first Instagram of the brothers performing on Friday, writing, "Doing a little. Security work on the side for Disclosure........shure is Hawt in here!"

She must have done a sensational job, because on Saturday she posted another photo of the two, saying, "Been promoted to head of security for Disclosure! #hawt #talent #surrey"

Perhaps by "security work," Madge really means "collaboration" –- we're digging Disclosure's recent 'Frontin' remix, and would love to see what they'd cook up for the divine miss M.

We're also curious to know what it takes to get Madonna to follow us around for a weekend, but until we figure it out we'll live vicariously through the Lawrence siblings.