The 'Orange Is The New Black' - 'Fault In Our Stars' Crossover Sums Up Our Weekend

We would watch this mashup so hard.

Talk about serendipitous synergy! Season 2 of "Orange is the New Black" premiered on Netflix yesterday, the same day author John Green's big-screen adaptation of "The Fault in Our Stars" hit theaters, and fans of both are in for a fun Easter Egg of sorts.

Specifically: one of the OITNB season 2's new characters, Vee (played by Lorraine Toussaint), reading Green's novel.

Fans brought the exchange to Green's attention via Tumblr, where he reblogged the screencap (featuring Vee's, ehem, colorful review) with the caption, "HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE."

Because, you know, the fact that his film just had a hugely successful opening and beat Tom Cruise at the box office ain't no thang.

Green later Tweeted the exchange, saying, "It's been quite a few days, but the highlight so far was watching season 2 of #OITNB when suddenly OMFG MY BOOK!"

Green's book ties into some spoiler-y "Orange is the New Black" plot lines, so we won't reveal all. Suffice it to say: once we recover from our Netflix binge/post-theater sobbing fits, we would watch the heck outta an OITNB-TFIOS crossover. Make it so, entertainment gods.