David M. Benett

Jennifer Lawrence's Mop Movie Has a Release Date

She'll be bringing the 'Joy' come Christmas 2015.

The next dream team pairing of director David O. Russell and actress Jennifer Lawrence has an official release date: Christmas 2015.

It's pretty clear that the prime slot for "Joy" - a biopic about Miracle Mop creator Joy Mangano – proves the film's studio, Fox, is confident that the duo's "American Hustle" and "Silver Linings Playbook" follow-up will follow suit in, ahem, wiping the floor with the competition come awards season.

Though it's not official, Lawrence has all but confirmed she's playing the lead. We're stoked to see her embody the Long Island native and single mom of three, who rocketed to fame via QVC and became a multi-millionaire in the process – the role seems like a kind of DIY genius extension of her "American Hustle" character Rosalyn Rosenfeld. Just substitute the angry vacuuming for contemplative mopping and, voila!

If Lawrence manages to brandish one of the Miracle Mop prototypes like a bow and arrow, Katniss-style, it'll win all of the awards. (In our hearts.)