'Game Of Thrones': Is The Wall About To Fall?

'Blackwater,' eat your heart out.

Put your parkas on: Winter has arrived.

Jon Snow and the rest of the Night's Watch will finally collide with Mance Rayder's wildling army on tonight's episode of "Game of Thrones," titled "The Watchers on the Wall." With only 100 brothers in black against an army of thousands, are we about to watch the Wall fall?

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Here's a quick tease of what to expect from tonight's episode:

It's All Wall, All The Time

Just as season two's penultimate episode, "Blackwater," focused entirely on the conflict between King Joffrey and Stannis Baratheon's forces in King's Landing, tonight's outing will be glued to the Wall.

In other words, we won't learn anything further about Tyrion's fate. We won't find out what's next for the exiled Jorah Mormont. We won't find out what's up with Sansa's Maleficent outfit.

It's all Jon Snow, all the time — and it's about time.

It Will Be Bigger Than "Blackwater"

As explosive as that episode was — literally explosive, thanks to the wildfire attack — "The Watchers on the Wall" has something that "Blackwater" did not: Giants.

Between those massive warriors, not to mention the thousands of other forces at Mance Rayder's disposal, you can bet that "Watchers on the Wall" will be the biggest episode of "Game of Thrones" yet, at least in terms of size.

There Will Be Blood

War comes at a cost, and tonight will be no different. "Blackwater" lacked major character deaths, but "Watchers on the Wall" is poised to kick things up a notch.

No naming names, but you should prepare for at least one character who has had significant screen time on "Thrones" to not make it through the end of the night.

It Will Be Epic

Directed by Neil Marshall, the same man who brought us "Blackwater," tonight's episode of "Thrones" is set to be one of the most monumental hours of the show to date.

Think about it. The stakes have never been higher. If Mance's forces make it past the Wall, what does that mean for the rest of Westeros? Who will remain on the Wall to protect the realms of men from the White Walkers? And what if Jon Snow wins — how in Seven Hells would he be able to pull that victory off?

It might not contain a solitary jaw-dropping moment quite like the Red Viper's explosive head, but "The Watchers on the Wall" has even more potential to be a true game-changer. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst — no matter the outcome, it's going to be a big night.

What do you expect will happen on "The Watchers on the Wall"?