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Gucci Mane Disses Game On 'The Definition'-- But Why?

Gucci confuses everyone with his latest release.

Color us confused. Gucci Mane is currently behind bars, as he awaits sentencing for weapons possession charges, but that's not hindering his output -- in any shape or form. His latest release from jail: A dis track directed at the Game (with some subtle shots at Jeezy's CTE crew as well).

"This n---a Game definition of a rap n---a," Gucci spits over the Zaytoven beat. "I'm not a lover or a fighter, I'm a trap n----/ On Twitter talkin' about you wanna scrap n----a?/ Well I'll knock you out and drag you to the trap n---a/ The real deal Holyfield CTE killer and I can't lie I done rocked a lot of Cali n----s."

It's more than likely that Gucci recorded this track before he was locked up, and just decided to save it for a rainy day. Earlier, we got a glimpse of Game in Nicki Minaj's upcoming video for "Pills N Potions," so the timing is certainly interesting here.

And when he's not dropping dis tracks, Gucci is releasing full albums and announcing more album release dates -- all from jail.