'16 And Pregnant' Sneak Peeks: Jordan's Boyfriend Says She's 'Stuck' -- But He's Not

Meanwhile, Savon realizes she can't balance a baby and a boyfriend.

On tonight's episodes of "16 and Pregnant," newbie Jordan pleads with her boyfriend to find a job -- but he barely looks up from his iPhone during her lecture.

In the sneak peek below, the former popular girl grows increasingly frustrated with Derek, with whom she's expecting daughter Genevieve. When the two discuss their living arrangements -- they have no home and are staying in a friend's living room -- tempers flare.

"You non-stop nag and question and annoy," Derek tells Jordan.

"If you did stuff the first time, I wouldn’t have to nag you about it," she counters. "Nothing’s situated. We’re living in someone else's living room. There’s no room for the baby."

But the dilemmas don't seem to faze Derek.

"That’s tough s**t," he shouts. "Where do you want to go? There isn’t nowhere to go. We can’t go to your parents' house. Accept the situation and deal with it."

He then adds, "I can leave at any point that I want to leave...You're stuck here -- I'm not."

Next up: Savon, who's having a difficult time being a mother, going to school and making time for her boyfriend Mauwi.

"I don’t have the energy," she tells Mauwi. "Honestly, I’m trying to figure out how to be a mom. Trying to be a girlfriend at the same time is too much right now."

She then makes it clear that her role as mom comes before him, saying, "I can't balance two right now."

Mauwi, meanwhile, admits, "I feel like, at one point, we were on the same page. But now we’re going in different directions."

Will Jordan and Derek be able to come together and provide for their daughter? Will Savon and Mauwi save their relationship? Watch the videos, and tune in to back-to-back-episodes of “16 and Pregnant” tonight, starting at 10/9c.