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Shailene Woodley On Her First Impression Of Ansel Elgort: 'There's Something Special About This Guy'

'He was so quiet.'

Reporting by Josh Horowitz.

Your first impression of actor Ansel Elgort, whom you most likely spotted as Tris' brooding brother Caleb in "Divergent," or perhaps came to your attention when he was cast as male lead Gus in "The Fault In Our Stars," probably included words along the lines of "tall," "handsome," or simply "male."

Shailene Woodley, being Shailene Woodley, of course first noticed her co-star's spirit.

Woodley told MTV News about an early "Divergent" cast dinner in Chicago when she was seated next to Elgort and formed her opinion on him, once and for all.

"I'd never heard anything about [Ansel] before meeting him on 'Divergent,'" Woodley told MTV News.

What she found when she was seated next to Elgot, he "was so quiet and so open and so pure. He was more observant. There was something very special about him, something that moved me."


See Elgort and Woodley in "The Fault In Our Stars," in theaters today.