Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Reportedly Break Up

Despite all of that PDA and blindfolding, it looks like Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are finished.

Sounds like "I Luh You Papi" no longer applies to Jennifer Lopez and her now-ex, Casper Smart, will no longer "Dance Again" (get it?) as reports have surfaced that the couple has ended their relationship. (Though she probably could make a few simple lyrical tweaks to the song and end up with the perfect Father's Day song, right?! Okay. No, because ew.) After two years of chugging along together on the dating train, the two have arrived at their final destination of Splitsville. Next stop: the supermarket because I need a pint of ice cream to cry into because the heartbreaking nature of this news is just, well actually, I've just been craving ice cream. ALL ABOARRRRRD!


E Online reports that the breakup happened a little over two months ago, but the couple's kept the news private. You know, as private as two gorgeous human beings that basically treated PDA like their vocation and also enjoyed blindfolding each other can be.

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I'm just happy La Lopez has some hometown performances to keep her occupied and, um, well Casper can share some of my ice cream if he needs some distraction. And remember, both of you: You'll dance again. Except probably not together.

At least we'll always have "Dance Again" to remember them by.