Who Wore The Robot Suit Best? Tom Cruise Vs. Matt Damon

Handsome men in heavy metal.

In the battle of robotic body armors, the field is really narrowed to only two worthy contenders: Cruise versus Damon.

Last year, Matt Damon screwed an iPod into the back of his head and drilled robo-body armor into his back in "Elysium." He had to basically outrun cancer, and robot legs helped him to do that. Also: guns.

This weekend, Tom Cruise suits up for battle in "Edge of Tomorrow" in a quest to, well, save mankind. Guns are also useful for that.

The real question on our minds is, of course, who wore it best? Does Cruise's fully operational cruiser take the cake, or do Damon's screwy armor plates win? Check it out, and vote in the poll below.