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How Is Ratking Getting Ready For Governors Ball?

The rap trio are set to play the festival in their native New York on Friday.

When Governors Ball kicks off later today (June 6), one of the first acts to set things off will be Ratking. The New York-based rap trio of Wiki, Hak and producer Sporting Life will be rocking the Gotham Tent on Randall's Island, where the festival is set to go down, from 2:15-3:00 this afternoon.

The buzzing trio released their debut album, So It Goes, in April. They recently returned from a tour in Europe, and are getting ready to head out on some East Coast dates next week. Before that, though, Wiki spoke with MTV News about how he and the fellas plan to spend the day and are preparing for their first hometown festival.

Getting Out There

"We're taking a van, I think, so we can show up early. I used to go to Randall's Island for soccer and sh--. They'd have a lot of [youth] sports out there."

Tweaking The Set...Slightly

"We've just been practicing, getting the set a little bit tighter. Our friend Isaiah, who played saxophone on the album, on 'Snow Beach,' is gonna be playing with us.

Our set has been gradually changing. We've been adding more songs in, trying new things out. It'll be pretty standard, but we've gotten a lot better since last time we played in New York, so I'm excited to get out there."

Get The Body And Soul Right

"Usually Hak will drink some tea. I like to drink a little tea before. But, to be honest, I like to smoke before I play. I like to have a few drinks and loosen up. I get really nervous before show. I've thrown up a lot before shows. But once I'm on stage, all that sh-- goes away.

Before the show, I like to take it easy and not be out there in everybody's face. And then after the show, I'm talking to everybody in the place."

Accommodating Family And Friends

"People have been hitting us up saying they're gonna be out. We actually don't have a lot of guest spots, though, which kind of sucks, because it's in our own city, so it's like family, friends that wanna come through. But we should have some people coming out."

Meeting Fans And Basking In The Day

"I wanna hang out and see people play. I haven't really been looking at who's playing each day, but I'm down to check out stuff and vibe out and enjoy the day. Definitely talk to fans; it's a good way to connect with them."

Seizing The Moment

"It's a way for me to get my energy off. I'm self-conscious, like everyone is, but when I'm on the stage, it's like all that sh-- is out the window, and it's a freeing experience."