Which Free Agent's Side Are You On: Laurel's Or Cara Maria's?

After years of solid friendship, the girls are back on the outs.

Since mending fences as "Rivals" after some serious tension on "Cutthroat," Cara Maria and Laurel have been the best of friends in the "Challenge" circuit, and have helped each other out whenever possible. But tonight, after a pretty arbitrary argument, the girls found themselves at odds again, and when The Draw sentenced Cara Maria to yet another elimination round against Jess, it was the "Real World: Portland" alum that Laurel wound up rooting for.

Cara Maria, who'd gotten the mistaken impression that Laurel was considering voting her into an elimination round, felt bullied by the one person she thought she could trust, and was tired of being condescended to by her supposed pal. Laurel, on the other hand, blamed her harsh words on frustrations with CM's paranoia, and in the "Challenge: Free-For-All" clip below, she goes on to explain that she had no ill-will toward Cara while encouraging Jess; she was just playing the game.

"Here were my emotions," Laurel narrates in the video as she points to an imaginary switch. "And I just went 'off!'"

"I can't be sensitive anymore," she adds. "It's game time."

Ultimately, Cara won her battle, but her relationship with Laurel is now totally strained. Do you think she has reason to be upset, or are Zach and Jordan right to say she's playing the victim a little too well?