'16 And Pregnant' Bonus Scene: Jazmin Mentally Prepares Herself For Parenthood

The mom-to-be tells her friend she's in it for the long haul.

On this week’s episode of "16 and Pregnant," we met Jazmin, a high school senior who was the apple of her parents’ eyes until she broke their house rules with her boyfriend, Dell, and wound up pregnant. Her mother and stepfather were openly disappointed, and even after little Laila arrived, they refused to change any of their strict regulations to accommodate the young couple.

In this bonus scene, Jazmin, who is due any day with her daughter, visits a pumpkin patch with her friend, Kiki. When they spot a crying baby nearby, the mom-to-be gets real about whether she's up for the new responsibilities life is about to bring.

“I’m not ready, but I have to be ready,” she tells Kiki.

Kiki says she’s looking forward to watching Jazmin mature once Laila is born, and while Jazmin admits that caring for her daughter 24/7 will be a daunting task, she knows "there's no giving up with your own child."

“You’re stuck with [Laila] for life,” Kiki says, possibly as if the idea suddenly just occurred to her. “This is a lifetime commitment, even when she’s 40 and you’re...about 50-something!”

Check out the clip, and tune in for two new back-to-back episodes of “16 and Pregnant” starting at 10/9c on Monday.