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Is Trina Addressing French Montana And Khole Kardashian On 'Cut U Off'?

The rapper flips K-Camp's single on its head.

We all know breakups are hard. And they're probably a lot tougher when your ex-boyfriend is popping up all over the tabloids with his new girl.

It sound like that's exactly what Trina is dealing with right now, as French Montana, who she was reportedly involved with until earlier this year, has been spotted out and about with Khloe Kardashian. Whether she's specifically addressing this situation or just wanted to make an anthem for the ladies, the Florida rapper is certainly getting some things off her chest with "Cut U Off," an unofficial remix to K-Camp's hit "Cut Her Off."

Riding alongside Lil Mo, Trina raps with plenty of confidence on the track. "Cut that n---a off quick/ No coming back, I'm a boss bitch," she spews.

"It ain't nothin' to cut that bitch off/ It ain't nothin' to cut that n---a off," Lil Mo sings on the chorus, before adding in her verse: "Fuck him and his new bitch/I can give two shits/Especially since that was a bitch I used to be cool with."

So what do you think, is Trina aiming at French and Khole with this one? Let us know in the comments.