John Green Talks About Why He Can't Stop Crying Over 'The Fault In Our Stars'

Actually, they're tears of joy.

As of now, John Green is famous for two things. The first, of course, is being the author of bestselling-YA-novel-turned-summer-cinematic-sensation "The Fault in Our Stars."

And the second? Crying about it.

"I don't cry that much in real life!" Green said, laughing, when MTV News gently broached the subject of his now-infamous weepy tendencies. "It's just, for some reason, during the month and a half we were making this movie, I cried forty times a day. I don't know what was wrong with me."

While some might suggest that this is cosmic comeuppance for all the crying that John himself is responsible for, having written a book which literally reduces everyone who reads it to a small, quivering pile of salty tears — which, by the way, would be no less than he deserves after the damage he inflicted on our collective heart — the author has a guess or two as to why he's so emo all of a sudden.

"It was just such a surreal experience for a writer," Green said of seeing his book brought to life by a cast and crew who were so devoted to getting it right. "As my friend Nat Wolff was pointing out to me, during many of the times that he was telling jokes and being very funny, I was crying, because I was just so pleased with his performance."

In short, says Green, when he cries for Hazel and Augustus, he doesn't do it quite like the rest of us.

"I was just so happy!" Green concluded. "It was a lot of happy crying."

Which makes John Green probably the one person in human history to happy cry over "The Fault in Our Stars," like a god, weeping tiny tears of joy into the vast, unending sea of sorrow with which he has just flooded the entire world.

"The Fault in Our Stars" will feast on your tears starting June 6 in theaters nationwide.