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Hear This Snippet Of Wiz Khalifa And Nas' 'We Dem Boyz Remix'

Cap says Esco will be on the remix.

Wiz Khalifa is riding high with his current single "We Dem Boyz," but Mister Cap plans to take things a level higher on the song's upcoming remix.

On Tuesday, just two days following his Hot 97 Summer Jam performance, Wiz told the station that he plans to drop a new "We Dem Boyz" remix with Nas, then on Wednesday he previewed a small piece of the song on his Instagram.

These days, the majority of rap remixes feature MCs delivering new verses over the same (or similar) beat to the original, but Wiz switched it up. With this new version, the Taylor Gang captain chose a slower instrumental, and instead of chanting "we dem boyz" he's now singing the popular lyric with more harmony.

On May 26, while Wiz was out performing at the Soundset Festival, he took a IG pic with Nas and announced the remix earlier this week.

"You know why I got Nas man," he said during his Hot 97 interview on Tuesday. "Nas is the original bottle-popper, designer clothes-rocker, weed smoker, young, fly n---a. He was doin' all that, spittin'. He was puttin' it out there in a way, n---as never heard that before. And I feel like our generation they need to re-see that from Nas."