What Did Jenelle Evans' BF Buy Her For Their Anniversary?

The 'Teen Mom 2' castie was spoiled rotten by her baby daddy.

Earlier this week, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith celebrated their one-year anniversary as a couple, and lucky for the nine-months pregnant "Teen Mom 2" cast member, there were gifts galore from her pec-tacular beau.

Of course, it's very romantic to commemorate the passage of time spent dwelling in bliss with your honey-bunny, but really, how can a girl resist jewelry and a killer dress from Michael Kors? Second only to diamonds, Michael Kors is totally a girl's best friend.

Jenelle Evans' Twitter

Nathan is apparently quite privy to Jenelle's tastes, and based on the level of 'squee' in her tweets, it's clear she was thrilled with her presents.

But that's not all (we wrote, sounding like an infomercial)! Nathan also got his craft-on, going all Bob Villa by creating a picture frame filled with a map of where he and Jenelle first met. Get out, Nathan. Just get out. There is a level of acceptable adorableness and you have surpassed it. Our hearts cannot take cuteness of this size and scope. Did we mention he also took her out to dinner? Because that happened, too.

Jenelle Evans' Twitter

It remains to be seen what Jenelle's got up her sleeve for Nathan -- she teased on Twitter that he's about to get a huge surprise. (We can rule out a pregnancy announcement, though.)

Photo courtesy of Jenelle Evans' Facebook