Josh Groban Sets His Sights On A 'Catfish' Musical

The singer contempleted adapting the MTV series for Broadway.

Former "Rent" star Tracie Thoms tore the house down on last night's "Catfish" episode with a stunning vocal set, but as far as Josh Groban is concerned, that's just the beginning for the show's musical pursuits. While watching the story of Sammie unfold, the singing sensation tweeted along, first joking that he hoped Nev's girlfriend, who made a cameo appearance, wasn't swindling him, and then dropping possibly the best Broadway idea since "Cats."

After Nev suggested that Josh, who's known for epic numbers like "You Raise Me Up," could write a song about the show, the Academy Award nominee responded with a much bigger possibility. "I'm thinking a whole catfish musical!! Would be huge!!! Who plays "Nev"?" he posted. And then, our hearts stopped...

Can you imagine? Justin's famous slow clap as concerto in E minor? The Mhissy Flower-Throw Sonatina? That would sweep up Tonys like a hurricane. Please say this is for real, good sir! The aria for Cassandra simply needs to happen...

+ Whaddya think -- would you make a night out of seeing a "Catfish" musical? Tell us which episode or scene you'd want adapted for the stage!

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images