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Tom Cruise Wants To Suit Up Like There's No 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

Mech suits aren't permitted on red carpets. Who knew?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In "Edge of Tomorrow," Tom Cruise is forced to live and relive the worst day of his life on what appears to be an endless loop — a concept that seems ripped straight out of "Groundhog Day" on the surface.

But in "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray didn't have the luxury of heavily-fortified exoskeleton battle armor at his disposal. Imagine the horrors Phil would have gotten up to.

As Major William Cage, Cruise's "Edge of Tomorrow" performance is enhanced by a mech suit that he and his fellow alien-fighting soldiers wear on the battlefield. The suit comes equipped with automatic rifles on the arms, and some exo-suit-wearing badasses even bring swords to the party — like Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski, the hardcore warrior better known in the film as the Angel of Verdun.

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Full functioning versions of these exoskeletons aren't available in real life, but that doesn't stop Cruise from wanting to wear one all of the time. At the "Edge of Tomorrow" premiere in New York City, Cruise stopped by for a quick chat with MTV about the movie, and admitted that he was tempted to wear one of the mech suits to the red carpet.

"I wanted to, but then Emily said she would have had to do it," Cruise said. "And it didn't go with the dress."

Even if he didn't pull it off, you have to admire Cruise's fashion-forward sensibilities.

"Edge of Tomorrow" is in theaters on June 6.