Psycho Plumber: The 17 Greatest Luigi Death Stares

It's-a his time to shine, and your-a time to die.

Hell hath no fury like a plumber scorned.

After spending decades on the sidelines watching his more popular brother battle dinosaurs and save the girl, Luigi has finally stepped into the spotlight. The green-suited plumber is one of many playable characters in "Mario Kart 8" for the Wii U, but he's the only one who looks and acts like a complete and utter psychopath while on the racing track.

Behold, the occasionally NSFW evidence:

1. He is Luigi, Angel of Death.

2. He is the Terror of Toad Harbor.

3. Don't even bother trying the Red Shell.

4. He hates his brother Mario.

5. He hates his brother Mario a lot.

6. Like, a lot a lot.

7. He hates all princesses, even Peach.

8. He even hates Daisy.

9. Especially Daisy.

10. No Koopa Troopa is safe.

11. Even dogs are haunted by the legend of Luigi's Death Stare.

12. Even the nightly news is haunted by the legend of Luigi's Death Stare.

13. Luigi's Death Stare goes with everything, Guile's theme song included.

14. Not even Baby Luigi is safe from Luigi.

15. Heck, not even Luigi is safe from Luigi.

16. So bombs away, people. And who knows…

17. Maybe you're the next one on his list.

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