Watch President Obama Pump Some Serious Iron At A Hotel Gym

Video leaks of the POTUS getting his elliptical on at a hotel gym in Warsaw, Poland.

Turns out, President Barack Obama is an elliptical guy.

That's what we learned on Wednesday (June 4), when a video leaked of the POTUS working out at a gym at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. He's currently in Poland to meet with Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko, but he managed to sneak in time to pump some iron and do an impressive series of squats and leg raises.

There's no telling who the bold hotel guest was who recorded the video, which reportedly first appeared on Fakt, but whoever it is, is one stealthy documentarian, as we can see our dear POTUS in every stage of his workout.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirmed the validity of the video, but didn't seem concerned for Obama's safety, as Secret Service agents were "in proximity" to Obama during the workout. He pointed out that the video is "no different than if the President visited a restaurant off the record and other diners took pictures of him."

"Hotel guests were not asked to leave the gym during this off-the-record movement, nor were they asked to refrain from taking pictures," he said in a statement.