'Snowpiercer' Director's Hand-Drawn Diagram Of The Movie's Epic Train Is A Must See

See the drawing Bong Joon-Ho used to plan out production of the upcoming sci-fi movie.

Director Bong Joon-Ho's "Snowpiercer" is a superb masterpiece of science fiction, with a bizarre pedigree. It's a French graphic novel adapted in Korea using a mostly English-speaking cast, about a world beset by freezing temperatures where the remaining human population now lives on an immensely long train that never stops circumnavigating what's left of the world.

So yeah, not an easy sell.

But after most of the rest of the world has gotten to see the film, America will finally get a release courtesy of The Weinstein Company on June 27. Which is great news, because this is not only a superbly directed, exciting film with some of the best action sequences in movie history, but also a breakthrough performance for "Captain America" star Chris Evans.

And all that is well and good, but the real star of the movie is the train. Snowpiercer (that's the name of the train, too) is over 1.5 kilometers long, and part of the joy of the movie is discovering what's actually on the train as Evans' revolutionary moves forward from the over-packed slums in the back, on his way to overthrowing the rulers at the front of the train in the Engine.

Each car on the train is different, and each brings its own challenges. The biggest challenge, though, is how Joon-Ho directed those epic train fight scenes. And that's why we're extremely excited MTV News was able to get our hands on the Director's own hand-drawn map of the train — including how he blocked out at least one of the biggest fight scenes in the movie — to debut for you, below.


Click to view a much larger version.

In the diagram, Joon-Ho not only outlines what's on each car of the train, how long the train is and where each major set-piece takes place, he also shows how they staged the cross-train gun battle between Evans' character Curtis and an unstoppable, murderous agent of the Engine. It's a fight that takes place as the train goes around a curved track, through glass, between cars 32 and 49 on the train. And it's awesome.

We'll have more on the movie as it gets closer, but suffice to say having seen the film, it's a must-see. Setup #2, as notated on the diagram, is an all time classic, building bigger and bigger over the course of the long battle until it reaches a near operatic fury.

Do not miss this film when it hits theaters, and be sure to come back and check out this diagram again after you do — it'll help make more sense of the flow of the train.

"Snowpiercer" is in theaters on June 27.

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