Officer Bennett Wonders: Does 'Orange Is The New Black' Have Room For A 'Happy Ending'?

Officer Bennett hopes for a happy ending with Daya, but isn't keeping his fingers crossed

It's finally here!

"Orange Is The New Black" made its big return on Friday (June 6) on Netflix. Now, not all of us could stay up all night and watch the entire season in one sitting (if you did, I applaud you), so some of us still have several, unanswered burning questions.

And one of those questions is: What will go down between Daya, Bennett, Menendez and that baby on the way?

We recently caught up with Officer Bennett himself, Matt McGorry, who couldn't give us any spoilers, but he did tell us what he hopes happens between the two.

"I'd like to see a happy ending," McGorry said. "Unfortunately, I don't know if that's the best storytelling either. I feel like if they sailed off into the sunset... they are not going to create a spinoff that's on the Caribbean islands. But I'd like to see a happy ending. But it's a tricky situation there are a lot of layers to it, and I wish them the best."

While we may or may not see a happily ever after for these two, fans of the hit series will be happy to know that we will most likely be getting some more scenes that look like this:

"There will be some things that the fans won't be disappointed about," Matt said when asked about shirtless moments during this season. "I'll put it that way."