What Did Chris Brown Talk To Ty Dolla $ign About The Night He Got Out Of Jail?

The two have 'a lot' of new music on the way.

Even though he was behind bars for the last few months, Chris Brown was still able to score a chart-topper with "Loyal," which reached the top slot on Billboard's Rhythmic charts and No. 9 on the Hot 100.

Breezy was released from prison early Monday morning, and one of his first acts as a free man was a call to Ty Dolla $ign, who wrote the smash.

"He just hit me up, too; last night he got out," the California native told MTV News on Monday, just hours after his performance at Summer Jam. "We got some other songs that we already did, and some more stuff with Chris we gonna do."

And how did that convo play out? It was a celebratory one, not surprisingly. "He was like, 'We got that number one, n---a!'" Ty laughed.

Don't be surprised if that's not their last hit, either.

"After ['Loyal'], that's when we linked up, and we just started doing a whole bunch of sh--," he revealed, adding that they've got "a lot" on the way. "I'm featured on it; other sh-- that's for him -- everything."

Those collaborations could end up on any number of projects, from Chris' album, X, to Ty's Atlantic Records debut, Free TC, due later this year, to his upcoming mixtape, Sign Language, set to hit the Net this summer.

"I got this song called 'N---as Don't Know,' and [Big Sean] killed it," he added, delving further into what's on deck for the mixtape. "Me and Rich Homie got a crazy song on that. Of course me and Wiz got a crazy song on there. Mustard -- you already know, man -- he came with the sh--s. I got this song with Fabolous. I'm excited about that. I always wanted to work with him."

"I'm just thankful, man," he said. "You know when you just been working on something for a long time, and then that sh-- just start happening, it's like, it's exciting."