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'Arrow' Star Katie Cassidy Gives Us The 'Star Wars' Crossover We Never Knew We Wanted

Ask and ye shall receive, sort of.

Many things come to mind whilst staring at this photo of Katie Cassidy and her new friend Chewbacca.

First and foremost, they're rocking the exact same shades of ombre, and therefore probably share a stylist. Then there's the fact that Chewie looks about as high as Laurel Lance did during at least two thirds of the second season of "Arrow," so maybe that's why he just blue himself.

But third, and certainly most exciting for genre crossover enthusiasts and fan fiction writers everywhere, is that this is the DC/"Star Wars" crossover we've all been waiting for (even if we never knew it). We only wish that Patton Oswalt's filibustering character from "Parks and Recreation" was a real live person, because he deserves to look at this photo.