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50 Cent Wants A Role In 'Star Wars': 8 Things We Learned From Him This Week

There's also a new G-Unit album on the way!

It's been just about five years since 50 Cent last dropped an album, but in the lead-up to his latest Animal Ambition LP, the Southside Jamaica, Queens rap star has been everywhere and speaking on everything.

Fif reunited with his estranged G-Unit crew at Hot 97's Summer Jam on Sunday, may or may not have witnessed a robbery on stage, dropped his album on Tuesday, followed by a pair of freestyles with Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck.

He's also granted interviews to Hot 97 and "Good Day Philadelphia" and did an AMA Reddit session, fielding questions about his terrible first-pitch at CitiField last week and his relationship with his son.

It's been pretty hard to keep up, but luckily we got you covered. Here are the broad strokes.

1. About That G-Unit Reunion

50 told New York City on-air jock Angie Martinez that his group reunion started with Young Buck. After bringing the Memphis, Tennessee, spitter into the fold, he then rounded up Banks and Yayo for the surprise Summer Jam reunion. But when asked about Game, Fif simply responded: "Oh, no."

2. A G-Unit Album Is On The Way

"Yes, you'll see an album by late November," 50 confirmed with "Good Day Philadelphia."

3. Slow Getting Robbed At Summer Jam

Slow, one half of New York clothing designers Slowbucks, was reportedly robbed for his chain on the Summer Jam stage while 50 was rapping with Fabolous -- not that Fif noticed. "I didn't even see it, I was performing," he claimed on Hot 97.

4. Why His First Pitch Was So Terrible

Everyone got a good laugh when the rapper threw a goofy first pitch at the Mets game last week. Even Fif was able to joke about it. "I have a skeletal muscle injury on my left shoulder from excessive masturbation so take it easy lol," he told fans during an AMA Reddit session.

5. He's Still Going At Diddy

50's first pitch didn't go so well, so the anchors at "Good Day Philadelphia" invited him to a Phillies game to sing the national anthem instead. The rapper declined, but suggested Diddy take his place, though his reasoning was a bit mean. "Puffy will sing it, because he did Last Train to Paris," he said, referencing Diddy's 2010 auto-tuned album with Dirty Money. "We got rid of Milli Vanilli for that, but Puffy's still around."

6. Fif Wants To Play A Super-Hero Or An Intergalactic Hot Shot

The rapper surprisingly has 19 films under his belt. While most of his gigs have gone straight-to-DVD, 50 would love a shot at a summer blockbuster. "One of the marvel franchise or star wars," he told a fan about his dream movie role during his AMA Reddit session.

7. Exactly How Much Can He Bench Press?

When asked how much he can bench press, the sculpted MC wasn't afraid to boast. "the most was 405 but i started looking like the security lol i had to slim down," he said on AMA Reddit.

8. He Loves His Son

50 has received a ton of criticism about not showing up to his son's high school graduation, so when speaking with Hot 97's Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff, he opened up about his personal life. "I love him, that's my baby, but when the boy is 18 years old I really expect him to identify with what's going on in front of him. It's really how your mother feels about your dad, not anything else.

"He didn't miss me at the graduation, he probably missed the car with no bow on it," he added.