iTCH Challenges '50s Crooners To A Rap Battle In 'Another Man' Video

It's like 'Pleasantville.' With singing.

Jonny "Itch" Fox -- a.k.a. iTCH -- is going "Pleasantville" all over his new video for "Another Man," off of his debut album, The Deep End.

As the former frontman of U.K. ukulele punk rock band The King Blues, iTCH knows a thing or two about melding and mixing genres. "Another Man" -- directed by Frank Borin -- is yet another of his musical/visual melting pots.

The video kicks off with iTCH falling asleep in front of the TV, on which a black and white late night show is playing. After dozing off, the musician is sucked into the TV, where a chorus of women are singing -- ala The Supremes -- about how they've found another man, "And he ain't nothing like you."

"You," apparently, is iTCH, as he enters a musical battle with the singers, rapping and turning everything in the room to color with a touch of his hand. Finally, though, it seems the black and white women win out, as iTCH is rendered newspaper print-colored once again, waking up on the couch still devoid of color.

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