17 Signs Rihanna Is Actually An 'Arrested Development' Character

Seriously, she's practically a Bluth.

We don't know how it happened. We don't know when it happened. We don't really understand why it happened... But at some point in time, Rihanna actually became the cast of "Arrested Development."

Either show creators have curated their story lines from Rih-Rih's life, or she's been secretly paying the homage to the cult classic show all along.

The undeniable proof:

1. She Wore Diamond Cream

2. She Wore This

3. And Then This

4. She, Too, Blue Herself

5. She's All About That Yacht Life

6. She'S A Hot Cop

7. She Has Her Own Version Of The Chicken Dance

8. She Believes In Magic(k)

9. She Drinks Like Lucille Bluth

10. And, Occasionally, Dresses Like Her

11. She's Another Unqualified Person Who Has Handled A Gun

12. She Knows The Family Slogan

13. She's Embraced The Inner (And Outer) Ostrich

14. The Jorts

15. She Makes Love To Ice Cream

16. She Can Rock A Mugshot

17. "Up Here, Michael. Up Here"

And As A Bonus...