'Free Agents' Castoff Cohutta Explains Why Size Matters

He met every 'Challenge' like a champ, but ultimately, his diminutive stature was no match for Leroy.

This "Challenge" season's resident David regularly went up against some Goliaths -- and came out on top on more than one occasion -- but last night's episode finally signaled his defeat.

That's right: After putting up a good fight against Leroy in "Balls In," Southern charmer Cohutta was sent packing on "Free Agents." And he blames the loss on the weight difference between himself and the gladiator.

"I don't mind being an underdog, necessarily, but I do like to see the playing field leveled a little bit," the "Real World: Sydney" export, who hadn't appeared on MTV since "The Ruins," says in the interview clip below. He explains that he hoped to wrestle Leroy to the ground to gain the upper hand in the head-to-head battle, but that blew up in his face -- and his slight stature ultimately did him in.

"Looking back on other Challenges, I've never went in against anybody my size, on anything," he tells us. "That's probably because there's nobody my size on the damn show."

Keep your head up, 'Hutta! We, like your "Free Agents"-watching grandpa, are still big fans.

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Photo: Ian Spanier