Migos On Justin Bieber's Racist Joke: 'He Don't Use That Lingo Around Us'

The ATL rappers open up about working with Bieber.

Trap music fans were surprised to hear Migos show up on Justin Bieber's recent release "Looking For You," but the Atlanta rappers tell MTV News that the collaboration came about pretty organically. And, as far as the outcry over Bieber's offensive racial joke -- they don't support his choice of words, but they don't think the pop star is racist either.

Just over a week after the collaboration debuted, a leaked video hit the Net, which found 15-year-old Bieber telling a joke that included the "N-word" in the punchline. Bieber has since apologized, and Migos didn't seem to be too put off by it.

“It wasn’t a good move to make but he accepted what he did and he don’t use that lingo around us,” they told MTV News. “We ain’t personally see the video anyway we just heard about, but it feels [like it's] in the past and that’s not what we condone.

"We do our music together and we’re good through music. So [we] don’t feel like he’s a racist.”

Their collaboration on "Looking For You" was birthed when Biebs took a trip to ATL (maybe around the same time he hit the studio with Ross and Diddy?)

"He was in Atlanta, he came to our city and we linked with him," Migos said of recording with Bieber. "It wasn’t no 'send' situation -- we [were] in the booth and working with him was pretty cool. He's laid back, he be chillin', he's a young n---a so it was fun."

"We knocked it out in about 20 minutes like we'd do any other track," they added. "It wasn’t no pressure or nothing like that."

While some fans were thrilled that Migos got such a big look with that feature, others were confused about why they would want to work with Bieber. "You’ve just gotta make sure that all the music you make makes sense, and we feel like it made sense when we did it," they said.