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John Mayer Loves When His Exes Write Songs About Him

'I actually want everybody's song to go #1' JM said of a potential Katy Perry tell-all.

Remember the good old days when John Mayer swore off talking about his exes and said he was going to take the high road? Oh well.

JM was back to his old tricks on Monday when TMZ caught up with him to chat about some past loves, including Katy Perry, and, well, Mayer just couldn't slow down the mouth train.

"I have super strength for gang-ups, I'm fine," Mayer told the site when asked if he was bothered by the songs his former loves write about him. "That's what you're supposed to do, man, you're supposed to write songs. You're just not supposed to tell everybody you're doing it."

Out on a date acting as a third wheel with some friends, Mayer laughed when the paparazzo broke the news that Perry is reportedly working on a new song about John. "I actually want everybody's song to go #1," he said. "I purposely stopped writing hits to give other people a chance to have #1 songs."

As for that alleged "scientific proof" that tunes with his name in them (ahem, Taylor Swift's not #1 hit "Dear John") always go to #1, well, we'll have to test that hypothesis later.