For The Love Of Money: Kidd Cole Wasn’t The Only Cash-Hungry ‘Catfish’

Take a look back at the show's other money-grabbing moments!

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph untangled their first non-romantic web of deceit on last week’s episode of “Catfish.” The dynamic duo helped Philly resident Lucille come face-to-face with Kidd Cole, who claimed to be a music producer working for Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. label. Turned out, Kidd was a con artist who duped Lucille for her money.

But Lucille isn’t the only person a catfish has used for their hard-earned cash. Remember these two scam-tastic episodes?

Ramon and Loyda: On Season 2, Arizona casino worker Ramon shocked the Internet detectives when he revealed that he had given his cyber girlfriend Paola access to his bank account…even though he had never met her in person. Ramon let Paola spend thousands of dollars (!) because he claimed he loved her. Of course, Nev and Max uncovered a surprise: Paola was actually a woman named Loyda. An even bigger surprise? When the Florida resident was tracked down, she said that Ramon had seen her multiple times on webcam and knew she wasn’t his dreamgirl. Eventually, Ramon fessed up that he kinda-sorta knew the score all along but kinda-sorta couldn’t accept the truth. The cherry on top: At the end of the episode, Loyda announced that she’d used Ramon’s money to purchase a ring and had been pretending she was engaged to her Internet boyfriend.

Since the show, Loyda has found true love — she tied the knot last July.

Aaliyah and Alicia: When Aaliyah enlisted the “Catfish” guys on Season 2, she was hoping to be able to express, in person, her true feelings to her first love Alicia. There was one major obstacle: While both girls lived in Oakland, Calif., Alicia claimed that she couldn’t meet Aaliyah because she was closeted. That sure didn’t stop her from accepting a year-long stream of cash and gifts from Aaliyah, who was already suffering from financial hardships. When the two finally met face-to-face, it wasn’t pretty: Alicia cold-heartedly laughed in Aaliyah’s face, announcing that she had no romantic feelings for her and that — wait for it — she’s straight. Later in the episode, Alicia admitted that the friendship was real, but fessed up to conning multiple people online.

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