Rihanna's Sheer Dress At The CFDA's Tops A Year Of #FreeTheNipple Outfits

Riri has not tired of the see-through trend.

On Monday night, Rihanna was honored at the CFDA Awards as the 2014 Fashion Icon. So what does a fashion icon wear to be awarded as the best of the best? Something bold. Something unique. An outfit that establishes the individual as a tastemaker, a fashion superstar -- indeed, an icon.

Ultimately, Rihanna went with a choice that was bold -- if not exactly unique for her these days. Let's just say Rih is having a sheer moment. At the Vogue -supported event, her sparkles were spectacular (230,000 Swarovski crystals are pretty impressive no matter how they're presented), and her body was on full display.

Stylist Mel Ottenberg told Style.com they were aiming for a "scandalous" look. And Ottenberg's partner, the dress designer Adam Selman, has been an ongoing collaborator of Riri's. That's probably the reason the dress felt familiar -- and helps explain why we've now seen Rihanna's nipples so many times.

How often has the Internet collectively gasped in awe of Riri's bared bod? How many jaws have dropped at the sight of her in an undergarment-less outfit? Never mind that Rihanna in a sheer top is less shocking to us now than Rih in a tee -- the pop superstar seems to be in an "if it ain't sheer, don't rock it" phase. Don't believe us?

Remember what she wore to the Grammy Awards in 2011?

Or when she went out to dinner in this ensemble in 2012?

You'll definitely recall this a bra crop top later that year:

Or the commotion this black dress caused at a nightclub in 2013:

She gave Stockholm a show in summer 2013:

And then made us all gape again at Paris Fashion Week in 2014.