'Teen Wolf' Star Holland Roden May Not Want You To See This Photo

But a mischievous co-star showed it to the world, and it's bound to be a wake-up call!

Ian Bohen's Instagram

Straight-A student Lydia Martin is no stranger to pulling all-nighters (maintaining a 4.0 GPA is no easy feat), and it looks like the actress behind the "Teen Wolf" character is working just as hard to perfect her art. While studying her script during the show's fourth season of filming, Holland Roden got a visit from The Sandman (let's hope he doesn't manifest as Beacon Hills' next villain), and co-star Ian Bohen made sure she wouldn't soon forget her little snooze-fest.

"@hollandroden working hard learning her lines," Ian captioned an Instagram photo he posted yesterday; in it, the Beacon Hills beauty is catching Zs while hunched over a desk. Holland's hard work certainly isn't unnoticed -- her performance as "Teen Wolf"'s lone banshee during Season 3 was stellar. But we hope she's not burning herself out and still in need of naps: As Jillian Rose Reed of "Awkward" can attest to, your co-workers will catch you every...single...time.

Surprised to see Holland taking a quick trip to dreamland? Feel free to suggest your caffeinated beverage of choice, and hang tight for the Season 4 premiere of "Teen Wolf" Monday, June 23 at 10/9c!