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Meek Mill And Louie V Gutta Duke It Out On Twitter After Chain-Snatching Incident

Meek admonishes his own artist about 'karma.'

By Maurice Bobb

Meek Mill had words with his artist Louie V Gutta over Twitter Monday (June 2) and things got pretty volatile.

After video of a Slowbucks affiliate getting his chain snatched during 50 Cent’s Summer Jam performance surfaced, Gutta, who is signed to Meek’s Dreamchasers imprint, tweeted about karma.

“what goes around comes around...karma,” he wrote.

The MMG rapper didn’t waste time responding to the rapper -- whom he’s collaborated with on such songs as “We Ain’t The Same” and “Clique” -- saying that Gutta had his chain stolen as well.

“Slow got the chain back u got took chill bro u drawing!” he wrote.

Things got heated, though, after Gudda fired back at Meek while explaining his own incident.

“And u outta pocket tweetin me some sh-- when u can call me @MeekMill that's nut sh--! call me,” he wrote. “and Idc how G a n---a is...if a n---a got the drop on you...and they strapped ain't shit u can do! f--k y'all want me to box a bullet?”

The two Philly natives volleyed back and forth, with each one challenging and insulting the other.

“I ain't calling nothing n---a! @LouieVGutta I ain't never outta pocket n---a! Ima b home tonight,” Meek wrote, before continuing to air out his frenemy.

In the end, it was Gutter that seemed disheartened that Meek would beef with his own artist while going to bat for someone else.

“You go to bat for slowbucks but not ya own artist! U a real like dick rider,” he wrote.

Let’s just hope these two can work things out and get back to making music.