Here’s Why You Need The Orwells’ Brain-Melting New Record

Get it.

Chicago punks The Orwells’ sophomore record, Disgraceland, is out Tuesday and if you don’t already have the anticipation shakes, well, we’re here to help induce them.

There are a lot of up-and-coming garage and punk acts out there as of late — and always, because remember rock never died — but we’re seriously vibing on The Orwells this week. From frontman Mario Cuomo’s onstage, full-body fits to their Tales-From-The-Crypt-Come-Doo-Wop sound, every jam from this band is a must-listen.

But don’t take the preceding paltry collection of words for it, we’ve got 11 perfectly good reasons to nab their next disc below:

1). This Brand-New Music Video

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