Here's Why You Need The Orwells' Brain-Melting New Record

Get it.

Chicago punks The Orwells' sophomore record, Disgraceland, is out Tuesday and if you don't already have the anticipation shakes, well, we're here to help induce them.

There are a lot of up-and-coming garage and punk acts out there as of late -- and always, because remember rock never died -- but we're seriously vibing on The Orwells this week. From frontman Mario Cuomo's onstage, full-body fits to their Tales-From-The-Crypt-Come-Doo-Wop sound, every jam from this band is a must-listen.

But don't take the preceding paltry collection of words for it, we've got 11 perfectly good reasons to nab their next disc below:

1). This Brand-New Music Video

Feeling cooped-up 'n' crazy this Monday? Well, fix your eyes on this new video from the Orwells, in which they do all manner of bad things around their hometown of Chicago. One order of vicarious-carnage -- coming up.

2). This 'Letterman' Performance

It's probably no coincidence that Letterman announced his retirement soon after the Orwells took his stage. There's really no topping this performance.

3). This Claymation Version Of That 'Letterman' Performance

Unless, of course, you bust out a claymation version of the aforementioned career-topping gig.

4). This Assertion

According to frontman Mario Cuomo, the guys don't just bring it out for late-night. They try to make every performance as fit-inducing as possible.

“I learned that a good show or whatever -- a good show or song or album -- is a lot more important to other people,” he told MTV News. “Even if you’re not feeling it one night or some sh–, you have to do your best. There’s a way bigger picture, it’s hard to understand at first, but it’s more important for some kid to have a f—ing sick time at a show than it is for me to have an amazing night.”

5). This Halloween Photo

In case you forgot that this is a band almost entirely composed of teenagers, look at their be-costumed mugs.

6). This Braid

Riff Raff would be jealous.

7). This Tweet

Deep, dudes.

8). This Single

9). And This Single

10). And This Single

11). And This One, Too