7 Action Movies From The '90s We Actually Want Remade

Because there are better options than 'Cliffhanger' and 'Stargate.'

Last week, we found out that every action movie from the '90s is being remade. Well, just "Cliffhanger" and "Stargate," but that's still too many.

There are plenty of muscle-bound flicks from the '90s that had great concepts but didn't quite stick the landing or had themes or gimmicks that deserve further exploration.

If I was running a studio hell-bent on remaking movies from the '90s, these are the ones I'd tackle.

"The Saint"

Here's a movie with an undeniably cinematic concept — master thief who is also a master of disguise — that could be perfect in the hands of a flexible actor, capable of pulling off multiple personalities, like Tom Hardy. It's more about the acting showcase rather than the name recognition.

"Demolition Man"

What stands out from this middle Stallone entry is the built-in comedy of a man out of time. Given to someone with slightly better comedic chops than Sly, this could be a refreshingly funny action remake. A cameo from the three shells would be required though.

"Double Impact"

I've always said that there need to be more action movies featuring leads that don't know they have a twin and who eventually team up with said twin. In a perfect world, we'd have one of those a year, but I'll settle for one stellar "Double Impact" remake. Casting suggestion: Two Channing Tatums.


This is a touchy one because I (and many others) love Joe Johnston's WWII adventure flick, but there's no reason that Cliff Secord couldn't be modeled off a James Bond. Ideally, a new "Rocketeer" would be less a remake and more a sequel that isn't worried about continuity.


It's time that we got another movie that features two combatants switching faces. Similar to action movies starring twins, I don't know why there aren't movies like "Face/Off" every year. Get two actors that will have fun with the swap, and you've got some genius moviemaking.

"Under Seige"

If any action movie from the '90s deserves a tongue-in-cheek remix, it's this gem from Steven "I'm The Cook" Seagal.


The cult status of this Sam Raimi film doesn't make it a great candidate for a remake, but the superhero genre deserves a shakeup.

Which '90s action movie would you like to see remade?