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'Beauty And The Beast' Star Kristin Kreuk Tells Us What's Next After Tonight's Shocker

Beasties, unite!

After an eons-long hiatus, "Beauty and the Beast" fans finally got the VinCat reunion they were hoping for on Monday, when the beloved CW show returned for its Season 2 home stretch. The episode offered up plenty of solid romance — that shower scene is one for the history books — but (of course) it also drove a stake right through the hearts of Beasties worldwide by once again separating the show's titular couple.

But don't lose hope just yet — Kristin Kreuk herself told us that the whole falsely-accused-of-murder, man-on-the-run thing will actually help bring the lovebirds closer together!

"There is an element of romance to him having to be on the run," she said over the phone. "It harkens back to Season 1, when he was on the run and she could only see him in hiding. They’re back to that again."

They're "back to that" only in the sense that Vincent being a wanted man is a serious relationship hurdle. Otherwise, things are going to be pretty hot and heavy over in VinCatVille — now that Cat realizes that Vincent is her one and only -- sorry, Gabe -- the couple can focus on working as a team to find out who or what framed Vincent for murder.

"[The conspiracy] is going to inform everything they do," Kreuk continued. "It’s going to mean that they have to hide, constantly. They’re going to have to pretend to be things other than what they are. They’re going to have to fight hard to get out of their situation."

Pretend to be things other than what they are? Don't worry, we asked if this meant that some super-sexy, "Alias"-esque spy scenes were on the way. Because that would be epic.

"Maybe, maybe," Kreuk said with a laugh. "There might be something sort of like that, but the comedy version."

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We'll take it — after all, we're going to need some levity, especially after the folks behind this latest, massive conspiracy to frame Vincent are revealed (a "shock" which Kreuk swears will happen sooner rather than later). And we're in luck, because Kreuk says that the comedy will be out in full force over the next few weeks.

"There’s a bunch of situations they get themselves into, and some of them are funny," she said. "In the third episode, there’s a situation that Vincent and Catherine end up in that is rather amusing. It feels like suddenly they’re in a sitcom, which I think will be fun for the fans."

Also fun for the fans will be the pleasure of watching Cat assert herself. Though she's always been a strong and independent woman, Catherine has often let Vincent take control when it comes to major decision-making. That all changed tonight when Catherine went behind Vin's back and nearly outed herself as a witness to the murder that never happened, and Kreuk says that this more assertive side of Cat will continue to take charge.

"That [assertiveness] is definitely a part of her character, both for good and for bad," she explained. "It’s going to get them into problems ultimately, as does Vincent’s way of doing things. They’re going to see the problems in their decision making processes when they do things super individualistically. Working as a team ultimately yields better results. They’re both very headstrong and stubborn, and are quite impulsive in their decisions, though Catherine is more calculated. They need to figure out how to work together, which is a different obstacle for them than it has been in the past."

We think they can do it. Oh, and in case you were worried about whether there would be some steamy love scenes now that they're on the lam, fear not — if they can make it happen in a cramped city shower, they can make it happen on the run.

"Vince and Catherine can find romance anywhere," Kreuk concluded. "If you love somebody, you can be in any situation and it’s romantic, even if you’re in a toilet."