Chris Brown Stuck With T-Pain Through His Two-Year Depression

Even though 'everybody else just kind of fell off,' T-Pain says Breezy and Ne-Yo stuck by him.

When you're a music star with tons of hit records, plenty of people are your friends. When those hits slow down, though -- like they did for T-Pain -- and when people fall out of love with your sound -- like they did with T-Pain -- well, not everyone is as eager to be buddy-buddy.

That's the harsh reality that the singer says he faced during a recent two-year depression when his professional success stalled and he slept and drank his days away.

But a couple people did prove to be loyal, including Chris Brown.

"I did it for him," Pain told MTV News last week, after acknowledging that Breezy was in a rare class of those who didn't disappear. "I did it for everybody, but, you know, Chris the most, because he was going through so much with all the backlash and stuff he was going through. And I still called him, hit him up, visit him in the studio, checked on him, make sure was OK, went by his house, just popped up in places that he was."

The "Up, Down (Do This All Day)" singer was also appreciative of another hit-making R&B powerhouse.

"Ne-Yo stayed down," he said. "Ne-Yo was in every strip club I went to, every time I went. Where you at? I'm coming. I don't care where you at. I'm driving, I'm flying. Anywhere."

As for others?

"Everybody else just kind of fell off and was just like, 'Aight, well, make a new song and we'll call ya.;"