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Who Was Iggy Azalea's Epic Subtweet Rant Aimed At?

'Don't be cruel to one another,' Iggy Igg says.

Iggy Azalea has one word for haters. Okay, she's got lots and lots of words. Ig was on the rampage Sunday night, hitting out at mean "Internet Kids" and other bullies who've been "cracking jokes about artists."

We're not sure exactly what set Azalea off, but we do know that she got heated just a few hours after playing the parking lot stage at Sunday's Hot 97 Summer Jam, which featured a high-profile reunion between 50 Cent and his estranged G-Unit crew on the main stage, as well as a moment of greatness from Nicki Minaj.

Maybe it was someone viewing the livestream of her performance and taking a shot at the rapper, who recently equaled a mark originally set by, you know, the Beatles? Or maybe it was just the usual trolling that finally got under her skin?

Either way, she made it clear, she's got no time for bullies.

Okay, maybe it was a "positive but aggressive" point she was making. But she had to make it. And then she had to quit it, because it's her man's birthday and she has to go get some of that unconditional stuff.