Kim And Kanye Celebrate Their Love By Blatantly Making Out, And Then Yawning At Someone Else's Fancy Wedding

Kimye celebrate their love with a little tongue. A lot of tongue, actually ...

Kim and Kanye are still knee-deep (assuming that knee is dressed in leather jogging pants) in the honeymoon phase of their honeymoon. The newly married couple -- and obvious Eastern European history buffs -- are on the former Czechoslovakia leg of their post-marital Euro trip, making a stop at the wedding of Kanye's stylist at a famous castle. That castle is now even more famous since North West's daddy was photographed inspecting wife Kim's tongue with his very own tongue while dressed in matchy-matchy, post-Memorial Day whites on a Louis XIV couch.

Let this be a strident message to all you skeptics, haters, and bitter Bettys -- Kim and Kanye's love: still going strong after 10 days!

... Give them a break! Sometimes it's exhausting being rich!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News