Protesters In Thailand Are Using The 'Hunger Games' Salute

The iconic gesture of Panem citizens has made the jump to real life.

Thai citizens protesting the military coup in the country are catching fire — and international attention — by channeling Katniss Everdeen.

According to a report from Reason, protesters in Bangkok have taken up the three-fingered salute from the "Hunger Games" movies as a symbol of their own rebellion, demonstrating against the government overthrow by Thai army chief and now-self-appointed Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Protesters massed at a Bangkok shopping mall over the weekend, with at least one woman seen flashing the Panem salute out the window of a police car after being arrested.

The coup occured in late May, spawning a nationwide outcry and causing several performers including Taylor Swift to cancel upcoming tour appearances in Thailand.

Hopefully, a peaceful resolution to the protests will be imminent and the three-fingered salute will be the beginning and end of plot elements from "The Hunger Games" manifesting themselves in real life. Either way, the world is watching.